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Chestnut Mushroom Grow Kit Mushroom Grow Kit That Mushroom Guy

Skill Level:

Growing Time:

Shelf Life:

Ideal Fruiting Temp:



7-21 days

3 months (refrigerated)

12°C - 21°C

810g - 1560g

Please Note: These yield numbers are estimates and actual results can differ, as they're based on the concept of Biological Efficiency. Want to dive deeper into what Biological Efficiency is?

Chestnut Mushroom Grow Kit: Unlock the Magic of Homegrown Delights

Chestnut Mushrooms are some of the most breathtaking and delicious gourmet mushrooms. With our mushroom grow kit you can easily grow this fabulous mushroom at home, results guaranteed! It is a great option for first-time growers or those looking to grow a unique species. While they are less common than Oyster Mushrooms and Lion's Mane, they are no less marvelous!

Grow In 3 steps

Grow in 3 steps

100% Chemical Free

100% chemical free

Farm Tested

farm tested

New South Wales

proudly made in nSW

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Frequently Asked Questions


Depending on species you may get 2-4 flushes. But we guarantee at least one flush of mushrooms.

There are many factors which determine the amount of flushes. Mushrooms are a living organism and it is quite a skill to cultivate them. Humidity, fresh air and temperature are the pillars of mushroom cultivation.


Besides a hand of playing cards of the same suit. A "flush" in mushroom cultivation is each crop or harvest of mushrooms. Depending on species, they usually appear once every 7-14 days.


Most mushroom kits are token size, ours weigh between 2.2 and 2.6kg. They are what the mushroom industry calls "fruiting blocks".

That said, depending on species, first flushes usually yield 400g-1kg.

Each subsequent flush is usually smaller.


Remove your block from the plastic packaging and

Bury your block in the garden and cover with mulch or soil - this will encourage them to flush again!


Break it up and use as mulch


When there isn't enough humidity around the block, mushroom pins usually stop growing. Don't be alarmed! Your mushroom kit is still alive and can fruit. Simply remove the dried-up pins (mushrooms) and leave the block to rest for a week. After that, soak the block in cold water for 20 minutes, remove all the water from the bag, and begin again.

hand holding Chestnut mushrooms

Flavour Profile

The flavour of Chestnut Mushrooms is different than most of the other gourmet edibles. It is nutty, sweet, and addictively aromatic. The texture is meaty and the stems provide an enjoyable crunch to many recipes. To cook they are great simply fried up in a pan with garlic and onion, or added to your favorite soup, stew, or sauce!

Chestnut Mushroom Kit in the light

Delicious and Nutritious

Chestnut Mushrooms are also a fabulous and healthy addition to your diet. They are rich in minerals, vitamins, and are loaded with protein. Like other mushrooms they are low in fat and carbs, two things most people have too much of in the modern diet. They are also rich in antioxidants and have been shown to have antitumor properties.

One of the most beautiful of our mushroom grow kits

That Mushroom Guy admiring a cluster of Black King Oyster Mushtrooms

Grow chestnut Mushrooms At Home

Unleash your inner mycologist with our expertly designed Chestnut Mushroom grow kits. Simpler than growing most veggies, these kits are perfect even if you don't have a green thumb. They also make fantastic educational gifts for budding scientists. Start cultivating your own Chestnut Mushrooms at home today!

Prefer Cooler Temperatures

Ideally with temperatures ranging from 12° and 21°C degrees. A couple of degrees difference will be ok.

Step-by-step Instructions

Harvest your Chestnut Mushrooms while the cap is still round and spherical. This is when they have the best flavor and texture. If you wait a little too long, there’s no harm done! The mushrooms are still delicious. If conditions are ripe you can expect 2 or 3 more flushes over the next two months!

That Mushroom Guy admiring a cluster of Black King Oyster Mushtrooms

How Do I Grow It? 

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Place your block on its side and where the block presses against the plastic, take a sharp clean knife and make a 10-12cm cut along this part of the bag (you could cut an “x” shape or a simple line). 

Place your sliced bag in a humid part of your home (near the kitchen sink or bathroom). Make sure it is kept away from direct sunlight, and keep it well hydrated. Do this by spraying the outside of your block, over the sliced area, with water at least once per day but preferably 2-3 times.

The mushrooms can take 2-6 weeks to fruit, but will usually appear within 5-7 days. Once they appear, keep watch, they grow very fast and will be ready to harvest in 7-21 days. Harvest them all at once by gently grasping the mushrooms at the base, twist and pull.

Customer Reviews

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Colin Shrubb
Black peacrl

Brought two kits no mushroomsgrew

Hi there, we're sorry to hear that your kits did not produce any mushrooms. We would be happy to assist you with troubleshooting and finding a solution. Please reach out to us at and we'll do our best to help. Thank you for your feedback.

Josephine Howard
Happy Mushrooms

I was more than happy with this purchase, Instructions easy to follow and grow as advertised. The feedback to my question was quick and supportive, Thanks.

Thank you for the fantastic review! I'm glad the instructions were clear and that you're pleased with the growth. I'm here whenever you have questions or need support. Happy growing!

Lena S
Oyster mushroom kit

Excellent kit, mushrooms grow well and my mushroom obsessed son was fascinated

Thank you so much for your review of our Winter White Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit. We're thrilled to hear that your mushrooms grew well and that your son enjoyed watching them grow. Happy mushroom growing!

Lucy Simon
Best mushrooms

I will now get mushroom packs over buying from the supermarket. They taste great, and its really enjoyable watching the sudden (and often massive) growth overnight.

Thanks for the review Lucy. I still get surprised at how fast they grow, sometimes I take the kids out for the day, only to return and the mushrooms have galmost doubled :)

Deb Duncan
Great Kit and Service

We travelled from Melbourne to Nowra for a family catchup after Christmas and wanted a mushroom kit as a present. Brett was fantastic to deal with, nothing was a problem, and I was able to pick up the kit from his home. From all reports the Pink Oyster kit is doing well, thanks so much for such an easy exchange! Deb

Hi Deb, thank you so much for your kind words and for choosing our Pink Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit as a gift. We're glad to hear that your kit is doing well and that you had a pleasant experience with us. It was our pleasure to assist you and we hope to see you again soon. Happy mushroom growing!