chestnut (pholiota adiposa)

Commonly known as cinnamon cap or scaley cap, these mushrooms grow in clusters and have small to medium golden caps – the cap is speckled with white "Dots".

Chestnut mushrooms are a great source of minerals and vitamins. In addition, they have anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor properties, which promise protection to different organs. It can actually slow down osteoporosis and has an abundance of vitamin b3 and vitamin b5, which promises a stronger immune system and better heart health.

Flavour & texture

The chestnut mushrooms have a hearty flavour with a woodsy and clean aroma. In addition, there is distinct meaty heaviness in the mushrooms when it comes down to the texture, the cap become extremely soft when cooked but the stem is "Almost" crunchy. In addition, the flavor is rich, slightly sweet, and nutty, making these mushrooms a great addition to soups, stews, salads and sauces.

Hand hold harvested chestnut mushrooms

growing parameters

Chestnut from inoculation to fruiting is 28 days for me, at 21°C. Then usually another 14 days until the mushrooms are ready to harvest.

Spawn: 15°C - 24°C

7-10 days

Pin Initiation:12°C - 21°C

7-14 days

85-100% Humidity

Fruitbody Development: 12°C - 21°C

7-14 days

Additional Flushes: 2 Flushes

14-30 days apart

Grow in 3 steps

Grow in 3 steps

100% chemical free

100% chemical free

farm tested

farm tested

New South Wales

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