how we started

Welcome to That Mushroom Guy! We are a small, family-owned farm situated in Nowra, NSW, and our passion lies in cultivating fresh gourmet mushrooms.

We began growing mushrooms because I couldn't find anyone growing them in my area. Our primary focus was on growing different types of medicinal mushrooms. As time passed, my passion for growing mushrooms expanded into a full-fledged mushroom kit business.

Come and join us in our passion for mushrooms.

A family of mushroom growers

about that mushroom guy

I'm Brett, the guy behind the mushrooms. I've always loved mushrooms and the unique flavors and textures they bring to dishes. But, I noticed a shortage of fresh and affordable options in my area, so I decided to grow my own.

Fast forward a few years and now I'm proud to supply fresh and delicious mushrooms to markets, food services, and restaurants in my community.

I love seeing the excitement on people's faces when they try our Pink Oyster or Lion's Mane mushrooms. It reminds me of just how quirky and amazing these fungi can be.

My goal is simple: to provide everyone with the chance to enjoy and share our delicious mushrooms.

Crazy mushroom showing off his mushrooms