mushroom Grow Kit Instructions

If you don't plan to use it immediately, you can refrigerate your block for up to 3 months. Except for Pink Oysters, use them immediately; they will die in the fridge.

Step 1 - Cut

To set up your mushroom kit, leave the block inside the bag and lay it on its side. Where the block touches the plastic, use a clean, sharp knife to make a 10-12 cm cut (either an "X" shape or a simple line). Gently press out any remaining air from the bag, and tuck the loose flap under the kit.

Cutting open a mushroom grow kit with a knife

Step 2 - Mist

Place the prepared bag in a humid area of your home, such as near a kitchen sink or bathroom, away from direct sunlight. Keep the kit well-hydrated by misting water over the cut area at least once daily, but ideally 2-3 times.

spraying a mushroom grow kit

Step 3 - Harvest

Mushrooms typically take 2-6 weeks to fruit, but often appear within 5-7 days. Once they emerge, monitor their growth, as they can mature quickly and be ready to harvest in 7-21 days. To harvest, gently grasp the mushrooms at the base, twist, and pull. Make sure to remove any leftover mushroom bits on the surface to prevent contamination before attempting the next flush.

lion's mane mushroom grow kit fruiting next to sink

Additional Harvests

For additional harvests, our kits can yield multiple flushes, with each subsequent flush being smaller than the previous one. Allow the block to rest for a week before attempting additional flushes, with occasional misting to encourage new growth.


  • If your home is dry or has a lot of airflow (e.g., fans, air conditioning, or open windows), you may need to mist more frequently to maintain moisture.

  • The exact shape and length of the cut aren't critical.

  • Classrooms typically require more frequent misting due to higher airflow. 

  • Light, frequent misting is better than heavy misting.

  • When the block is fully expended or starts growing mold, it's time to dispose of it. Break up the mushroom kit and spread it in your garden.