Winter White Oyster Mushroom

Winter white oyster mushrooms are one of our favourites at the market, it’s a great gourmet mushroom to try for beginners because it grows extremely fast. They grow in clusters just like the blue oyster mushrooms, however our winter white mushrooms grow extremly large caps, sometimes as large as your hand.

Flavour & texture

Winter white oyster mushrooms are very versatile in the kitchen, they are also the most common. But don’t let their commonality fool you, they are delicious, and go with absolutely anything.

They are particularly good for battering or crumbing and deep-frying,

Winter WHite Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit ready to Harvest

Growing Parameters

From inoculation to harvest is roughly 17 days.

Spawn: 12°C - 22°C

7-10 days

Pin Initiation:10°C - 22°C

2-4 days

85-100% Humidity

Fruitbody Development: 12°C - 22°C

7-10 days

Additional Flushes: 2 Flushes

7-10 days apart.

Although the second flush is considerably smaller

Grow in 3 steps

Grow in 3 steps

100% chemical free

100% chemical free

farm tested

farm tested

New South Wales

proudly made in nsw

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Our cultures are obtained from Rootlab, which is an independent mycology laboratory located in Sydney. Rootlab specializes in the maintenance and development of both high yielding commercial strains and native strains of mushrooms.

While there are numerous sources of cultures available in Australia, we believe that Rootlab stands out due to their exceptional quality. We have achieved outstanding results using their cultures and would strongly encourage others to consider them as well.