lion’s mane

Lion’s mane mushrooms are known to grow on the trunks of dead oak trees and other hardwood trees. For the longest time, it’s been used in east asian medicine as it’s a great way of improving nerve function and development. In addition, it prevents damage to the nerves and protects the stomach lining as well.

These mushrooms are cloud-shaped and have a white appearance with shaggy and long spines. They can be consumed on their own and you can consume them in the form of supplements. The research shows an array of health benefits, including improved heart and cognitive health and reduced inflammation.

Flavour & texture

The mushrooms have a mild, sweet flavor while the texture is incredibly. A common misconception is lion's mane taste like seafood, in our opioion thats not true, however it does have a similar to lobster and crab. Which is why you see so many recipe and reccomendations to use it as a meat substitute in crab cakes.

It attains a juicy and tender texture when cooked and many vegitarians use it as a meat substitute.

health benefits of consuming lion’s mane mushrooms

To begin with, mushrooms can fight oxidation and inflammation in the body to make sure you aren’t at risk of heart diseases, autoimmune diseases, and diabetes. In addition, it strengthens the immune systems because the mushrooms have a protein that boosts the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.
The extracts of these mushrooms are used for treating depression and anxiety because there are various agents that help treat depressive disorders. Dietary supplements made from mushrooms can improve memory and cognitive function.
These mushrooms may improve heart health and helps lower cholesterol. In addition, there are various antioxidants in the mushrooms that aid in the prevention as well as treatment of cancer.
The lion’s mane mushrooms may also have the capacity to fight the gastric, colon, and liver cancer cells. On top that, it has also been shown it can lower blood sugar levels and helps improve antioxidant activities. Lastly, it can fight inflammation, making it an apt choice for people dealing with ibd (inflammatory bowel disease).
The consumption of lion’s mane mushrooms protects the stomach lining from ulcers and has healing benefits to skin wounds – the topical solutions made with this mushroom can quicken up the skin healing process.
Pink Oyster Mushroom Kit growing

growing parameters

My Lion’s Mane fruits for about 10 -14 days

Spawn: 18°C - 25°C

7-14 days

Pin Initiation: 12°C - 22°C

It is very common for Lion’s Mane to fruit in the bag

85-100% Humidity

tFruitbody Development: 12°- 22°C

8-16 days

Additional FluAdditional Flushes: Lion’s Mane is one of the most prolific growers, it will continue to yield mushrooms as far as 6 flushes

Grow in 3 steps

Grow in 3 steps

100% chemical free

100% chemical free

free tested

farm tested

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