blue oyster (pleurotus columbinus)

The blue oyster mushrooms are known for their blue color when young. It has a fast growth rate and grows in large clusters. Depending on the growing conditions, the shape, size and color vary.

The mushrooms are picked in the form of clusters and are stored in the same form rather than picking off the individual pieces. They can be stored in the refrigerator for upto a month or you can use a dehydrator to dry them for longer preservation. Blue oyster mushrooms are loaded with protein, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

It promotes the immune system and heart health and helps control blood sugar levels. In addition, it delivers anti-inflammatory benefits and can fight free radicals.

Flavour & texture

The blue oyster mushrooms have a savory and meaty flavor but there is a bit of chewiness in the texture – the texture makes them appear similar to meat. The flavor is pretty subtle and many feel the seafood undertones as well. In addition, there is anise and earthy flavor, which makes them perfect for salads, soups, and stir-fry recipes.

Pink Oyster Mushroom Kit growing

growing parameters

I incubate, pin and fruit all my mushroom at 21°C. But if you can grow your Blue Oyster mushroom at a lower temperature, they will have a brighter blue colour.

Spawn: 18°C - 24°C

7-14 days

Pin Initiation: 10°C - 21°C

3-5 days

85-100% Humidity

Fruitbody Development: 10°C - 21°C

4-7 days

Additional Flushes: 1 Flush

7-14days apart

Grow in 3 Steps

Grow in 3 steps

100% chemical free

100% chemical free

Farm Tested

farm tested

New South Wales

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Our cultures are obtained from Rootlab, which is an independent mycology laboratory located in Sydney. Rootlab specializes in the maintenance and development of both high yielding commercial strains and native strains of mushrooms.

While there are numerous sources of cultures available in Australia, we believe that Rootlab stands out due to their exceptional quality. We have achieved outstanding results using their cultures and would strongly encourage others to consider them as well.